Why A Dog Owner Should Have A Fence Built

28 February 2023
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If you get a dog, and you don't have a fence, then you might want to have one built as soon as possible. You can read more about some reasons having a fence built is going to be so important for you as a new dog owner. Here is more for you to go over on this topic: 

Your dog can get much more exercise

If you don't have a fence, then your dog will spend most of its time indoors. They may only end up going outside when you take them out to relieve themselves. When you don't have a fence, it's very important for you to take the dog on daily walks and spend some time outside playing with them. However, many people plan on this when they get a dog, then find it's harder than they imagined fitting that time into their busy days. Once you have a fence built, you can let the dog run in the yard and even playing with them will become easier when you don't have to deal with the logistics of having a dog tie-out involved. 

You know your dog can't run off the property

The first time you have your dog dart out the door when you open it for someone, you will see just how important a fence is. While it's just as important for you to train your dog, so it won't exhibit this behavior in the future, it's great to have the fence built as a backup. This way, you know even if something catches your dog's attention, like a rabbit running across the street or a ball flying past the yard, they can't tear off after it and be put in a dangerous situation. 

You can help people feel safe going past your home

Many people are fearful of dogs because they have been hurt by one in the past. Some people are scared of them simply because they haven't had a lot of exposure to them. No matter what, you want people to feel safe going down the street and if your dog looks to be just lying in your yard, people can be too scared to pass by. They may not see the dog is on a tie-out, or they don't know if they can really trust the cable. When you have a fence built around your property, people will feel safer going past your home.

To get started, contact a fence contractor in your area.