4 Reasons To Replace Privacy Hedges By Installing A Privacy Fence

14 February 2022
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A collection of privacy hedges may provide protection and privacy in your backyard. However, you may not feel entirely satisfied with the hedges. While you can replace them with different privacy hedges, you may be more interested in a reliable solution, such as fencing installation. Choosing a fence over privacy hedges has several notable advantages worth considering.

Design and Details

Installing a fence allows you to choose the design and details. For instance, you can pick from wood, vinyl, or metal for the material. While chain-link on its own does not provide much privacy, you can work with fencers to incorporate privacy slats at the time of installation.

Other design choices include height, thickness, gaps, pickets, and posts. You may find the hedges attractive and want to maintain the beauty with decorative pickets and post caps. Going with the tallest fencing allowed in your city and neighborhood will also maximize privacy.

Growth Issues

Growing and maintaining privacy hedges is not always easy or successful. Sometimes, you may run into rough weather for a year that makes it challenging to keep the hedges alive. These complications are not something you will have to worry about with fencing. As a result, you may get better and more reliable privacy by choosing a fence over your existing privacy hedges.


Improving security is something that will happen naturally with fence installation. For instance, you may find that your children, pets, and wild animals can easily get through the hedges. With soft privacy hedge branches, leaves, and twigs, you may be able to squeeze through them without getting scratched. For this reason, they may not provide much security for your family.

Installing a solid fence is a replacement that will provide a huge boost in security. You can even add coyote rollers along the top to prevent animals from climbing over the fence. This addition will do an incredible job of keeping all your pets in the backyard and wild animals outside.


Healthy privacy hedges require occasional trimming and routine debris cleanup. Both of these things take more time overall than the amount of time you have to put into maintaining a fence. Many fences only need the occasional pressure washing to keep them looking clean and attractive.

Vinyl fences are resistant to most damages and do not get dirty quickly or easily. You can also invest in vinyl-coated chain-link fencing to extend the vinyl benefits to a metal fence.

Hire a fence installation company to replace privacy hedges with a fence for better results.