Your Wood Privacy Fence: What Not To Do To Help Your Fence Last Longer

5 February 2021
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What makes a wood fence so great is this: this type of fencing is both attractive and protective. A solid wood fence offers full privacy and is difficult to climb from the outside. The average wood fence can last up to 15 years, but if you really put the effort into your fence's longevity, your wood fence can last up to two decades or even longer.

In learning what not to do when it comes to fence care, you can help your wood fence last much longer. Your wood fence services company can further assist you in keeping your fence lasting longer.

Don't ignore painting or staining your fence

While wood fencing is designed to last and is usually made of more weather-resistant and insect-resistant wood — like redwood and cedar — a wood fence should still be taken care of and preserved to help it last longer. One of the wood fence services you can have done with your fence is to have it painted or stained with exterior-use products. Not only will your fence look better and more well-kept with a little coverage, but it will also have the added protection it needs against the weather.

Don't ignore the posture of your fence

If your wood fence is leaning, don't assume the fence will remain standing just because most of it is sound. Over time, the weight of your fence will take a toll, and you may end up with warped fence panels, gates that won't close, and fencing coming out of the ground. Your residential wood fencing company will check your fence periodically to ensure it isn't too wobbly and will make repairs as necessary to keep your fence standing strong.

Don't ignore things leaning against your fence

If you remove all the things that are leaning against your wood fence, it can be more likely to last longer. Shrubbery growing up or around a wood fence can damage the fence over time, and equipment leaning against a fence can cause an otherwise sturdy fence to become loose or to start leaning to one side. Your wood fence services company can help you make your fence more durable by reinforcing fence panels that have become loose due to things leaning against them.

There are many things you can do to make your fence last longer simply by changing the way you care for your fence. A wood fence service company can help you keep your fence beautiful and durable so you get the most out of your investment.