The Top Advantages Of An Aluminum Fence

13 November 2020
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Aluminum is ubiquitous in today's world. Some of the common uses of aluminum include aluminum foil, cookware, windows and doors, house siding, vehicle and aircraft bodies, and many more. Aluminum is also a popular fencing material. The popularity of aluminum fences can be attributed to the many fantastic features that aluminum can deliver. 

Check out the top advantages of aluminum fencing below.

Aluminum Resists Rust

Wrought iron and steel fences are the traditional choices of fencing in applications where maximum strength is desired. However, rust has always been the biggest downside of wrought iron and steel fences. These metal fences are ferric — contain iron — and are, therefore, rust-prone. When rust sets in, they will start to lose their strength and luster. 

Aluminum is increasingly being viewed as the best metal fencing option owing to its natural resistance to the rusting process. Aluminum is non-ferric but also readily reacts with the oxygen in the atmosphere to form an oxide layer on the surface of the metal. This results in a significant reduction in the rate of corrosion. 

Aluminum Is Sturdy Yet Lightweight 

If you're looking for a fence that can match the strength of steel but without the weight, an aluminum fence is an excellent option. Aluminum has a higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to steel, meaning that it can be made to be just as strong as steel while significantly reducing weight in the intended application.

Aluminum Looks Beautiful

One of the biggest selling points of traditional wrought iron fences is their stunning beauty. Wrought iron fences have a high silky luster that adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to any property, thus increasing property value. 

Aluminum also offers a shine that almost resembles that of wrought iron but without the higher price tag. When you compare aluminum fences made in the style of old school wrought iron, you can hardly tell the difference. 

Aluminum Is Incredibly Durable

Aluminum fences are unaffected by most of the elements that shorten the lifespan of other types of fences. Whether attacked by sunlight, rain, snow, ice, or termites, your aluminum fence won't rust, fade, warp, or rot.

Plus, you don't have to do much to keep your fence structurally sound and looking pristine. You may only need to occasionally hose down the fence to remove accumulated dust and dirt. You won't need to repaint or re-stain the fence like you would if you had a wrought iron and wood fence.

The above-highlighted points reveal that an aluminum fence is a worthwhile investment. Contact a fencing contractor near you if you're ready to discuss your fencing project.