Three Fence Designs That Will Allow Maximum Airflow In Your Yard

14 August 2020
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There are many different factors to keep in mind when you decide which type of fence will be right for your yard. Some homeowners want fences that offer privacy and security, while others simply want something that complements the look of the house and yard. Another point to evaluate is how much airflow your fence will allow. If your yard is tiny, you may be worried about it feeling hot and stuffy once it has a fence around it — especially if the fence is tall. For example, if your kids spend a lot of time playing in the yard, you may be keen on choosing a fence that allows a breeze to blow through this space. Here are three fence designs that will suit this goal.

Picket Fence

A picket fence will let a considerable amount of air through it, which means that your yard won't feel stagnant and stuffy because of your choice of fence. When you think about how you want your picket fence to look, you might wish to choose a design in which the boards are a little more spaced out than usual. Some picket fence designs can have boards that are fairly close to one another, which probably isn't what you want. Your fencing company can show you wider spacing options to suit your goal of allowing air to blow through your yard.

Chain Link Fence

A lot of people think of chain link fencing as mainly being valuable in commercial applications, but the reality is that this fencing material can also work well in residential applications. It has numerous benefits, including its open design that will allow the wind to blow through your yard. Additionally, this type of fence requires little in the way of maintenance and should last for a very long time.

Three-Rail Fence

Another option that you might wish to consider for your yard is a three-rail fence. As its name suggests, this type of fence has three horizontal rails, typically made of wood, that run between each of the posts. You'll often see this fence on farms, but it has value in residential applications, too. Its open design is conducive to allowing air to flow through it, which will help to keep your backyard from feeling stuffy. Your fencing contractor can offer you a wide range of options for this fence style, including different types of wood and different paints or stains, which will ensure that the fence is a good fit for your yard.

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