Tips To Help You Prepare For A Fence Installation In Your Yard

26 March 2018
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Building a fence in your yard can help boost the value of your property and provide privacy and safety to your family and pets. But before you hire a company to build your own fence, here are some tips to help you properly prepare for its installation.

Do the Proper Property Research

Before you can start planning or digging for your fence installation, you need to determine the location of your property line. If you don't find out the exact location of your property line and you install the fence just a few inches onto your neighbor's yard, you can be fined or required to remove the fence from your neighbor's yard.

Check with your local property or tax survey record office to get a plat description and plot map of your property and where the property lines are situated. When you bought your property, your closing documents may also have a description of your property plat map.

Verify Utility Line Locations

Make sure you call the local utility companies in your area to have them mark where any of their cables and utility lines may be buried. It is a good idea to know where they are so when you dig the post holes you don't accidentally cut into and damage a line or injure yourself. You can call 411 in most areas to request a survey completed by each of the local utility companies.

Choose the Fence Installation Location

Whether you are building a fence around your front or backyard, or just around your garden plot, decide the exact layout for the location of where you want the entire fence installed. Use stakes and fluorescent surveyor's string or a can or marking paint to outline the fence position. This helps you create an outline for the fence to make sure it is installed in a straight manner. And once you have the corner fence posts installed, you can use their position and the fence line markings to install the remainder correctly.

Choose a Fence Material

You will also need to decide what type of material and height for your fence. For example, you can install a chain link fence at varying heights, or you can install a six-foot-tall wood or vinyl privacy fence. If your fence will be installed in the  front yard, check with your local building codes for any restrictions on fence heights.

Now you can hire a fencing company to install your fence or do the work yourself. To learn more about your fencing options, contact a business such as Try Best Fence