Having Problems With Your Dog Running Off? 3 Practical Solutions

25 October 2017
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If you have a dog that is always running out of your yard and you don't want to keep him on a leash or chain, there are some other things you can try. If you can't trust them to even go out and use the bathroom without coming back, and it's becoming a huge hassle, especially in the evening hours or early in the morning, it's time to make a change. Here are some of the things to consider doing so you don't have to worry:

Invest in a Fence

It's time to get a fence, and often its best to get a traditional fence instead of an invisible type fence. This way not only do you have to not worry about your dog leaving the yard, but you also don't have to worry about other dogs that could enter into your property. The invisible fence will only alarm your dog not to cross the line.

The fence will help to keep your yard guarded and private as well. Talk with the fence contractors or trenchers in your area to get quotes for what you need to be done.

Take Dog Obedience Classes

If your dog isn't always following commands, you want to consider enrolling them in obedience training. If they have already had something similar and it didn't work, you want to find another program that may be more suitable for the pet. This way the dog comes when you call, and you know it will listen. Try different commands and practice until the dog has the commands down perfectly.

Collar Tracker

Get a collar with a tracker so you can see where your dog is going, and in case they decide that they want to wonder. This is a great way to target their exact location if they run off, and you can get a notification if they go outside of the boundary when you are inside the home. This makes finding them easy if they run off.

You don't want to lose your dog, have it get hurt, or get ticketed because your dog has wandered off the property when it isn't supposed to. You can prevent this from happening, and be able to easily let them out into the backyard without having to look to see if there are any other dogs or people around, and without having to worry when you look into these three things. 

Contact your local fence trenching services for more information and assistance.