Three Steps To Setting Up Small Fencing For Your Shin Tzu

16 October 2017
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Small pups enjoy the outside just like larger dogs do. If you have a small Shih Tzu puppy, you may notice that they enjoy running around and playing fetch. Though they are under 12 pounds, they can sprint just as fast as a big dog. For your outside, you may wish to set up space for them to run around. Setting up a dog fence can keep your dog safe and allow the two of you to play in the backyard easier. Here are some considerations to make when setting up a dog fence in your backyard:

Put the fencing against the side of your yard

If you are setting up a special dog fence alongside your regular fence, you will want to join the two fences as closely as possible. This avoids making too many holes in the ground which can catch the feet of both dogs and humans. To avoid injury to yourself and your pet, build the dog fence close to the normal fence line. The dog fence should be tall enough to keep your dog inside but should be short enough for you to reach in and retrieve your pet. 

Make the fencing a dense metal

Some Shih Tzu puppies and dogs can be mouthy. This means that they may decide to chew through the material of the fence. If the fence is made of very light wiry metal, your Shih Tzu may attempt to chew through the fencing. In order to stop this possibility, you should build a fence of a dense material. This way your dog's teeth will not be able to chew through the fence and they will be discouraged from attempting to escape the fence. 

Build it wide enough for a lawn mower

It is important to remember that the space for the dog fence will need to be disinfected and kept mowed. This means that the dog fence will need to be big enough for the lawn mower to go through. Be sure to mow the dog fence area along with the rest of the lawn. Along with mowing, be sure to keep the area clean of any debris and droppings, as a dirty are can make your dog dirty and ill. Shih Tzus have small legs and paws, so check for holes and other issues when you are performing your usual clean up. If you notice any holes, you should fill these in with dirt or pet-friendly mulch. 

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