Three Spiral Staircase Questions Answered

15 October 2017
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When you are adding a second story to your home or undertaking major interior renovations, you may want to add more stairs to help make it easier to access the second floor. However, homeowners often assume that a traditional staircase will be the only way of meeting this need, but you may find that a spiral staircase will be a better option for your particular situation.

Why Would You Opt For A Spiral Staircase Over Traditional Style Stairs?

One of the key reasons for opting for a spiral staircase will be due to it being a much more space-efficient style of stairs. In contrast, a traditional staircase can require an extensive amount of space to provide a gradual ascension, and this may not be practical for those with a home interior that is narrow. Another benefit that can come with a spiral staircase is a unique aesthetic. When a room has a spiral staircase, it will act as a focal point for the room, which can help to draw attention to it while giving the room an eccentric or elegant feel.

Are Permits Necessary For Installing Spiral Stairs?

The addition of a staircase to your home will be a major addition. In addition to the major structural changes that will be required to install the spiral staircase, it is also necessary to ensure that this staircase is properly designed and installed to ensure it can support the weight of those using it. If there are mistakes made in this process, it could cause the staircase to collapse, which could lead to serious injury and extensive property damage. For these reasons, it will typically be necessary to obtain a permit to start work on this project, and the property will likely need to be inspected once this work is done so that its safety can be verified.

Can You Install A Spiral Stair Kit Without Hiring Professional Contractors?

There are many spiral staircase kits that you can purchase. While individuals that enjoy working with tools and building things may assume they can install these staircases, this is a very complicated project. When installing one of these staircases, it will be necessary to remove a section of the floor for the second story, and the staircase must be properly anchored to the floor while also being well-balanced. Additionally, most permits will require this upgrade to be performed by a licensed contractor and complete this type of major upgrade without professional assistance can void a homeowner's insurance policy due to it increasing the risk profile of the structure.

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