Why Chain Link Security Fencing Is A Good Choice For Your Self-Storage Facility

14 October 2017
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One thing customers look for in a storage facility is security. They want to feel safe when visiting their unit, and they want to know their belongings will be safe when they're not around. You can implement various security features that will help, and one of the main ones is to install sturdy fencing. Chain link is a good option to consider. Here's why chain link is ideal for protecting your self-storage facility:

Chain Link Is Suitable For Tall Fences

One advantage of chain link is that you can create a very tall fence with it. It is fairly lightweight and the openings in the fence allow wind to blow through so the fence doesn't fall down in a storm. A tall fence will discourage intruders if it is difficult to climb over, so choosing material that remains sturdy at taller heights while not obstructing your view is an important consideration. Being lightweight also makes chain link suitable for use on tall and wide gates. Even though the gates are large, they will still swing open with little effort needed by your employees or customers.

Security Toppers Make The Fence Hard To Climb Over

There are several types of security toppers for chain link fences. Toppers can be applied on just about any type of fence, but since they are often made of metal, they blend right in with chain link. If you want the utmost security, you can top your fence with barb wire or razor wire. Another option is to install slanted tops. These keep out humans and animals too. The slanted tops will also keep animals inside the fence depending on which side the slant is on. You may want this option if you keep cats on the premises for rodent control.

Commercial Chain Link Fencing Needs Little Maintenance

Running a storage facility keeps you busy enough without having to worry about fence maintenance. A chain link fence won't need much care at all. This is important because a rotting or peeling fence makes your facility look unsafe and neglected. Your chain link fence won't be damaged by the weather or bugs, so it stays in good shape. The only maintenance you'll need to do is make repairs if someone backs into the fence or damages it when moving heavy equipment around.

Chain link fences come in different styles. If you have a high-end storage facility, you may want a chain link fence that's wrapped in vinyl and comes in black or brown. However, a traditional bare chain link fence is recognized as security fencing, so your customers may feel safer with perimeter fencing they recognize as a security feature.

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