It's Not Beverly Hills, But You May Still Want Automated Gates

20 September 2017
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Living in a small town, the most you probably will ever do with your property security is add a fence around the property line. However, you could add a gate at the driveway too. Gate automation is also a useful security feature. Despite the fact that you are not living in Beverly Hills, you can install an automated gate anyway. Here is why you may want automated gates.

No One Can Step Foot on Your Property

Some homeowners still love their privacy even in the middle of suburbia on the tiniest lot. That said, if you are one of these types of people, automated gates at the foot of your driveway, along with a fence, prevent everyone from entering your property. They will have to notify you in advance and request your permission before the gates can be opened to allow access.

The Automated Gates Add a Dramatic Flair to Your Property

Who does not like adding dramatic flair to their property? You can enjoy a taste of the more extravagant life by adding a scrolled metal sliding gate to your property. It may be quite the eye-catcher for visitors, as well as any buyers for your home, should you ever choose to sell.

When the Gates Are Automated, You Never Have to Leave the Safety of Your Vehicle

If you live near a less-than-pleasant neighborhood, gates keep you safe as you roll in and out of your driveway. You never have to leave your vehicle to open or close the gates either if they are automated. If the gates slide sideways, you also never have to worry about your vehicle or the gates blocking traffic because they do not open outwards.

Getting Automated Gates Installed

Whether you pick two gates or just one, you will still need to install a fence around your property first. Otherwise, the gate(s) just looks out of place and quite ridiculous. Fence contractors are typically the ones that handle gates and automated gate installation, as well as fencing. If you are able to afford it, consider installing your fence and gate(s) at the same time to save money and make sure the gate(s) works well with the fence you chose.

The best gates for small properties such as yours are gates that open sideways, or gates that open inward to your property. If you have a short driveway, the sideways sliding gate(s) are best. Your fencing contractor will take measurements to see what gate(s) will fit the available space you have. Visit a site like for more help.