How To Pour Fence Footings

23 October 2017
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Installing a new fence is a smart decision. It can add security to any property, whether it be commercial or residential. Aluminum fences are commonly used because they are durable, easy to maintain, and sturdy. Of course, the sturdiness of your fence really depends on the footings. Furthermore, the sturdiness of your footings depends upon exactly what type of soil or concrete they are installed in. This article explains the best way to pour concrete footings in soil for aluminum fences.

Digging the Hole

The difficulty of digging your holes depends on what lies beneath the soil. If there are a bunch of rocks and tree roots, you can expect a lot backbreaking digging. You might want to consider investing in a post-digging shovel, but this might be unnecessary if you only need plant a few posts. The difficulty of digging your halls also depends on how big they have to be. There are no set rules for how deep or wide concrete fence post footings should be. However, it is a good idea to make sure that the post is at least 1/3 as long as the fence is tall. That is, if you are installing a 6' tall fence, you will want at least 2' of fence within the concrete footing. This means you will need 8' tall posts. Also, your whole should be at least twice as wide as the fence post is.

Pouring and Mixing the Concrete

The best way to pour concrete footing is to use concrete powder mix and water. You don't want to premix the concrete before you pour it into the hole. That is, pour the water and mixture into the hole simultaneously, stirring as you go. This creates a stronger mixture that sticks well to the sidewalls of your hole. That is, it bond with the soil, for a more permanent footing.

This part of the job requires at least two people. One person needs to all the posting place well the concrete is being poured and stirred around. As the concrete starts to dry, you Need to prop up the post to make sure it is level. To make the job easier, some installers will buy a post that is actually taller than it needs to be. Then, once the concrete dries, you can just measure it and cut the top off.

With secure footings, you can be confident that your aluminum fencing will be strong and durable.